Luksusowe suknie ślubne! LaPettra Lux...

Luksusowe suknie ślubne! LaPettra Lux w naszym salonie VALDI #bride#Kraków. Zapraszamy)

La Petra - a new name in the wedding industry, which are conveniently located and combines European quality, beauty and lightness, natural luxury, cutting-edge trends and reasonable prices. Each model compares favorably with careful selection of fabrics and accessories, original cut, luxurious decor, hand-made, which in turn makes our products unique and popular for owners of wedding salons, and among the most important consumers - charming bride! Amazing combination of different fabrics from noble chiffon and delicate silk to heavy satin and lace, embroidery and colors suggests that the wedding dress of TM 'La Petra' - the harmony of dreams and reality, as well as luxury, quality and, of course the same price!

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